8:1-5—Why did a silence occur in heaven, and what was subsequently hurled to the earth? A symbolic silence occurred in heaven so that “the prayers of the holy ones” on earth could be heard. This was at the end of the first world war. Anointed Christians did not ascend to heaven at the end of the Gentile Times, as many had expected they would. They experienced difficult times during the war. So now they prayed fervently for guidance. In response to their prayers, the angel hurled to the earth a symbolic fire that set the anointed Christians afire spiritually. Though few in number, they began a worldwide preaching campaign that made God’s Kingdom a burning issue, thus lighting a fire in Christendom. Thunderous warnings from the Bible were sounded forth, flashes of Scriptural truth were made known, and the realm of false religion was shaken to its foundation, just as buildings are shaken by an earthquake.