Ps 120 sup “Ascents”: Most commentators believe the title derives from the use of these psalms by the Israelite worshipers when traveling or ascending to the lofty city of Jerusalem situated high in the mountains of Judah as they joyfully attended the three great annual festivals there.

120:1-7. Slanderous and cutting speech can cause unbearable distress to others. Keeping our tongue in check is one way to show that we “stand for peace.”

In retribution, Jehovah sees to it that the slanderous tongue is silenced as by a warrior’s arrows. Interestingly, charcoal made from the shrublike broom tree burns very intensely, pointing to the severity of the divine judgment upon “the tricky tongue.”

120:3, 4. If we have to put up with someone having a “tricky tongue,” we can take comfort in knowing that Jehovah will set matters straight in his due time. Slanderers will suffer calamity at the hands of “a mighty man.” They will surely be recipients of Jehovah’s fiery judgment symbolized by “burning coals of the broom trees.”