7: “Go, preach.”. It did not mean that they were to build churches, ring a bell, and wait for a congregation to assemble to hear them give a sermon once a week. The Greek verb here rendered “preach” (ke·rys’so) means, basically, “make proclamation as a herald.” The idea is not delivering sermons to a closed group of disciples but, rather, making open, public declaration.

8: his true followers were not to charge for their services. Moreover, Jesus himself set the example by ministering to others for no financial return.

9: Jesus’ instruction not to go out of the way to get extra supplies for the trip. The apostles were to go as they were and not be distracted by procuring anything extra because Jehovah would provide for them.

10: Probably not out long enough to require a change of underwear, but it does indicate that the diciples were out for long time periods. / Pack light