10:17, 18—Why did Jesus correct a certain man for calling Him “Good Teacher”? By thus refusing to accept this flattering title, Jesus directed glory to Jehovah and indicated that the true God is the source of all good things. Moreover, Jesus drew attention to the fundamental truth that the Creator of all things, Jehovah God, alone has the right to set the standards of good and bad. The same with us, we don’t want glory for ourselves but brings praise t Jehovah.

10:29, 30 The “fields” his followers leave behind refer to the livelihoods that many, including missionaries, members of the Bethel family, international servants, and others, willingly give up in order to advance Kingdom interests in various lands. Many brothers and sisters have left their homes in order to simplify their life, and it gives us joy to hear their experiences showing how Jehovah has cared for them and how their service to him has made them happy