There are only two major world-views: Atheism and theism. Either there is a creator or there isn’t.

Both are world views that has to be taken with faith – none can be scientifically proven because your interpretation of the science is biased by your worldview. Any evidence can be made sense of through either lens.

Logic, however, proves the theists right because atheism can’t answer the cosmological argument.

Both have ways to explain how everything got here.

The atheistic explanation is that nothing created something which against all natural laws evolved into everything.

The theistic explanation is that an intelligent all powerful being beyond space and time made everything.


The conclusion of the atheistic worldview is that we are merely chemical reactions drifting through a cold indifferent void on a rock, with no meaning, purpose or hope for the future.

The conclusion of the theistic worldview is that we are special, loved, inhabiting a wonderfully designed and supplied home, with a meaningful purpose and a wonderful hope for the future.


The allure of the atheistic worldview is that it gives you completely free reins in moral decisions. Morally speaking the atheistic worldview allows for anything, because how could anything you do be immoral when it is only one chemical reacting with another chemical? Murder and rape can’t be more immoral than vinegar reacting with baking soda.

In the theistic worldview the creator has the right to decide right from wrong, and judge and punish accordingly.

To an atheist the thought of having to be accountable to a higher power is just no fun, so they will mentally jump through hoops and contort themselves as much as needed to escape this idea. Theists are fine with accountability.

These worldviews also influence the view on health.

The atheistic worldview means you’re just a blob of chemicals, so if something is wrong with you, lets just add chemicals until we figure out a mix that works before it kills you.

The theistic worldview says you were created to live in harmony with your environment and the creator gave you advice to follow. So if something is wrong with you it is generally because you are living out of harmony with your environment or not following his advice. If you stop doing it wrong and start doing it right, you’ll usually get better.

Personally, I go with the latter.

Advice from the creator

Genesis 1:29 Then God said: “Here I have given to you every seed-bearing plant that is on the entire earth and every tree with seed-bearing fruit. Let them serve as food for you.

Diet is important. God gave humans a diet of plants and fruits. Whenever you research anything that has to do with health and diet, you will always come back to the same conclusion: “vegetables and fruits, vegetables and fruits, vegetables and fruits, vegetables and fruits.” They are nutritious, alkalizing, and have so many benefits I can’t name them all here.

The vast bulk of your diet ought to be vegetables and fruit.

Also notice that it talks about seeds. Yes, we need to eat seeds as well.

Seeds contain many nutrients and compounds that help our health. For example apple seeds and apricot seeds contain compounds that kill cancer and bacteria.

The Hunza people of Pakistan never get cancer. They live to an impressive age, many over 100 years. Average age of about 90 years. It’s said their women remain fertile up in their 60’s.


Vegetarian diet and apricot seeds.

This is such a powerful threat to the cancer industry that proponents of atheistic medicine work their hardest to get it banned, “debunked” or otherwise slandered

Genesis 3:18 … you must eat the vegetation of the field.

After the fall from grace, it seems God allowed humans to eat from every type of vegetation, including tubers, mushrooms, algae and so on. Since sickness now entered the world, medicinal plants became needful.

God has given us every compound we would ever need right out there in nature. The only reason to start mixing up things that doesn’t exist naturally is because you can’t patent nature and so you can’t make money from it.

Well, unlike the pharmaceutical industry, God is not greedy nor evil, so he gave us everything completely free of charge. Why not use it?

Genesis 9:3 Every moving animal that is alive may serve as food for you. Just as I gave you the green vegetation, I give them all to you. 4 Only flesh with its life—its blood—you must not eat.

After the flood the world was no longer a lush tropical jungle like place. Some areas became deserts or frozen wastelands. God knew humans needed to settle in these places, so he gave them permission to eat animals as well.

But notice the priority:

  1. Vegetables, fruits and seeds
  2. Other plant parts and herbs
  3. Meat, except blood

Meat should be kept at a minimum. Even though it is a good source of some nutrients like B12, it is also a major contributor to cancer.

Blood has always been holy to God, so it shouldn’t be eaten under any circumstances.