1:8,9 Angel accursed. Mormons, muslims believe their religions were brought by angels, however since they accept the Bible as Gods word, but their religions are not in accord with its teaching, then we can see that the so called “angels” of these religions are accursed and are nothing but demons trying to mislead people.

1:10 if we try to please men can we really be gods slave?

Gal 1:17

Right after his baptism, he “went off into Arabia”—either the Syrian Desert or possibly some quiet place on the Arabian Peninsula that was conducive to meditation. (Gal. 1:17) Paul apparently wanted to reflect upon the scriptures that proved that Jesus was the Messiah. Moreover, Paul wanted to prepare for the work that lay ahead of him. (Read Acts 9:15, 16, 20, 22.) Paul took time to meditate on spiritual things