9:21—Why does Daniel refer to the angel Gabriel as “the man”? This is because Gabriel came to him in humanlike form, as he had appeared to Daniel in an earlier vision.—Daniel 8:15-17.

9:27—What covenant was ‘kept in force for the many’ until the end of the 70th week of years, or 36 C.E.? The Law covenant was removed in 33 C.E. when Jesus was impaled. But by keeping the Abrahamic covenant in force toward fleshly Israel until 36 C.E., Jehovah extended the period of special favor to the Jews on the basis of their being descendants of Abraham. The Abrahamic covenant continues in force with regard to “the Israel of God.”—Galatians 3:7-9, 14-18, 29; 6:16.

Lessons for Us:

9:1-23; 10:11. Because of his humility, godly devotion, studiousness, and persistence in prayer, Daniel was “someone very desirable.” These very traits also helped him to remain faithful to God to the end of his life. Let us be determined to follow Daniel’s example.

9:17-19. Even when we pray for the coming of God’s new world, in which “righteousness is to dwell,” should not our primary concern be the sanctification of Jehovah’s name and the vindication of his sovereignty rather than an end to our personal suffering and difficulties?—2 Peter 3:13.